Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Weekly Dish

Olie after applesauce
Well, summer is definitely here and I am absolutely too busy to get these blogs up daily! Once Fall and winter hits again I won't have a garden to tend to and nice weather to play with my kids in. I Will get 2-3 recipes up a week until fall. Once the weather cools back down and my life slows down a bit I will go back to the 4-5 I had been doing. I hope you all understand and stick with me through this slow time. Today I picked  kohlrabi, zucchini and piles of lettuce from my garden. I am SOOOOOO very excited! Tonight I made a super yummy, simple and fresh zucchini pasta dish for dinner and tomorrow my friend Nikki is coming to help me weed my garden....that's right, I have awesome friends! So, after we weed in the hot sun and need some nourishment, we will have a fat salad and kohlrabi right from the garden! I am so looking forward to that! Anyhow, back to the food!
Olie after green bean/apple/sweet potato/rutabaga mixture. Maybe I should stick to the apple sauce!

This week I will be posting:

The zucchini pasta I made tonight
Dried fruit and nut granola

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and your gardens...speaking of gardens. My friends, friend Hanni has a gardening blog I have been enjoying. Go here to check her out! She is really funny and has good info! enjoy!


  1. Hoo-rah! Thanks for the shout out Erin! You have zucchini already? And here I thought it was colder way up north. :) I have no idea what kohlrabi is, but I keep hearing about it. May plant it on blind faith next year and hope you have some good recipes for it.

  2. My garden has done horrible this year!!!!! I am really bummed b/c we have some awesome stuff planted =/ Glad to hear yours is doing better!