Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guilt Free Strawberry Pie

Here is a little yummy bonus. I still may add on my taco pizza this week, but I made this pie last night and it was so good and easy it became priority over taco pizza. This isn't just guilt free, this is super healthy for you. Chia seed (which make the gel) are very good for you! They are a complete protein, Full of 9 amino acids, omega 3's, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber and antioxidants. They are great for digestive health and hypoglycemics. They also slowly metabolize carbs so it curbs your appetite naturally! All of this nutrition in a strawberry pie!!!! They are also a great GF binder. So.... Ya gotta try this super easy, healthy and ultimately YUMMY pie!


1 1/2 Cups whole wheat flour
1 Tsp Baking Powder
1/2 C Plain Greek Yogurt
1/4 C Ice water
1/2  Tsp Salt
4 Tbs Chia seeds
3 1/2 quarts strawberries
Vanilla Greek Yogurt (optional)
Chia seeds soaking in strawberry puree

crust pre-baking


First, liquefy 1 1/2 quarts strawberries in a food processor. Once liquefied add chia seeds. Cover and let soak in the strawberry juice for one hour. While these soak, Mix flour, baking powder, yogurt,water and salt in a bowl and mix with hands. It will get crumbly and wet. Then pour into a pie dish and press it in to the bottom and working up the sides. Really press out the middle to the edges so it isn't too thick. You don't have to make it all fancy if you don't want to. I like the rougher, homemade look. :) Once it is evenly pressed into the pan prick it with a fork all over sides and bottom. Bake at 450 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Let crust cool and slice up 2 quarts of strawberries. Once seeds have soaked for an hour puree them in the strawberry juice for 3-5 minutes checking every minute or so. The sauce should really thicken up into a gel. Pour the gel over the cut berries and stir till completely combined. Pour into cooled pie shell and refrigerate for at least an hour. I like to serve it with a little bit of vanilla Greek yogurt in place of whipped cream, but that is up to you. I like having a little bit of sweet creaminess, but the hubby wanted his plain. I am telling ya....this is so good! SUMMER IS HERE!!! :)


  1. YUM! :) you are talented my little spaz. and i've never heard of chia seeds besides from have taught me something. maybe i'll give this a shot (you know i'm all about desserts :))

  2. Thanks guys! I will definitely be making this once a week as long as I have strawberries! :) Brooke, put a little bit of VANILLA Greek yogurt on it when you serve/eat it. It makes it even better!

  3. so excited to see that you use chia seeds! i just discovered them, but i've only drank them.
    question- have you ever made it gluten free? i notice you do some baking gluten free, just wondering if you've tried it :)
    darcy sent me your way, excited to see you cook/eat similarly to me!

  4. Kat, it's nice to meet you! A friend of Darcy's is a friend of mine! :)As for making the pie GF, I have not yet. It would be pretty easy I would think. My suggestion would be do do 1/2 coconut flour and half rice flour or almond flour. The bean flours tend to have a better consistency however, they have a stronger flavor, so for sweet foods I prefer not to use bean flours. I am just getting to know GF and CF (casein free)foods a little better, so I still have much to learn. If you are trying to stay GF I say give it a shot and let me know how it turns out!! :)

  5. will this pie stay good for a day or two? Or should i prepare everything and refrigerate and then combine when the time comes?

    1. They should stay ok as long as your strawberries are pretty fresh. I make 2 at a time and it usually take a few days to finish them off.

  6. Does this make 1 or 2 pies? What size pie pan do you use?

    I am excited to try this with strawberries and rhubarb!!

  7. Hi Amy, I haven't made this recipe since last summer, but I am pretty sure it makes one 9 inch pie.....I could be wrong lol but hey, whats the harm in getting an extra surprise pie out of it if I am wrong? :)I am contemplating making strawberry jam this year with Chia seeds rather than sugar. (Helps it to gel up)

  8. I'm going to do this, but make a crust of peanut butter cookie dough (2 just eggs, 2 cups peanut butter and 1 cup splenda, mix, roll out, line pan, bakc for 8 to 10 minutes at 350°F), spread some peanut butter in there, add strawberry filling, chill.
    I like to dip strawberries in peanut butter for a yummy, healthy snack, and the strawberry/chia jam goes great with peanut butter, too, so I think this will be delicious.