Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Weekly Dish

Big shoes to fill....
Happy Holiday weekend everyone! I am shocked I have the time to do this today, but I do! Andy has  Nahum outside on the tricycle and Olie is playing like a big boy all by himself on the floor.....and now he is screaming! There went that break! Trying this again with him on my lap. I wish these 4 teeth torturing my little Olie-pop would hurry up and break through for the love! So anyhow, I got to thinking these recipes might have been better posted last week so you could make them for the cookouts you are destined to have today and tomorrow, however, I am making them for cookouts this weekend and recipes always go on after I have made them. Oh well, these recipes are great for anytime, not just cookouts with your fam and friends. Have a great 4th tomorrow!

This weeks recipes

Tomato, Basil Quinoa salad GF
Guacamole GF

I love summery, fresh foods!

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