Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick Pickles GF

So I had some extra cucumbers today and figured I may as well make some pickles! These pickles are super super easy and quick! Not to mention tasty. In fact my sister ate an entire container of them when she was visiting, so they must be pretty good! I made these last year and just threw some stuff together to make em. I had never made pickles before and figured it couldn't be that hard. :) You can also do these in tupperware containers. I used jars so you could see what it looked like better, but it isn't necessary. Also, I like mine to taste a little bit more vinegary but if you like them a little sweeter, just add more honey. Most recipes call for about a cup of sugar, but I just can't bring myself to put that much sweetness in there. But hey, do what ya want, there are no rules when it comes to pickles!


8 sprigs dill
4 C Vinegar
1 1/2 Tbs salt
10 cloves garlic
3 tbs raw honey
cucumbers to fill 2 mason jars
Fill your jars this full before the vinegar.

Even if all cukes aren't covered completely They will be eventually as they pickle.

Finished product after refrigerating for 24 hours.


Cut enough cucumber to fill your containers. smash garlic a little bit with the flat side of your knife and remove the paper. (ok, there is some seriously bad elevator music on the video to demonstrate this, and you only need to smash and peel. No need to chop and use salt to smash it.) Stuff cucumber, garlic and dill  into your containers. Pour vinegar, honey and salt into a sauce pan on the stove. Bring to a boil. Once vinegar is to a boil pour over your cucumbers in the jars (tupperware) seal tightly and place in the refrigerator. Shake up your containers every 15 minutes for at least the first hour. The cucumbers will start to soften up and when you shake them it makes room for all of the pickles to get down into the vinegar. Let sit at least 2 hours but it is best to let them sit over night. Once they have refrigerated overnight, they should be ready to go! If you only have 2 hours, make sure you slice your cucumbers very thinly. The thinner you slice them the quicker they pickle. (Also you can freeze these if you put them in tupperware. It also is super tasty adding white onion slices and putting only 2 cloves of garlic in....Did this last night and OMG soooo good!)


  1. mmmmm these look so yummy! I am kicking myself for not planting enough cukes this year...

  2. Hanni....out of your whole comment the only thing I saw was....I MISSPELLED CUKES!!! OMG sometimes I think I am losing it! I will have to go edit that pronto! And, I have plenty of cucumbers, but my problem is zucchini....they died! All 3! boo.....

  3. YIPPPEEE....going to make pickles!! I have some zucchini I will share!!! if you want some...I will bring to our playdate...I will have a bunch in about a week...just froze some and am making zucchini pizza tonight...yummmy!! thanks so much for the pickle thing...can you can these or are these just make to eat...and how long will they last!! this is very similar to my recipe for canned pickles...mine just got too mushy last year...I like CRUNCH!!

  4. Sweet! I just picked a bunch of cukes this morning, and was debating if I wanted the hassle of canning pickles. This sounds great! Thanks!

  5. Nichole, you don't have to can them, actually, if you want to make a bunch, just freeze them. They stay crunchier that way. Just be sure to use tuppeware type containers instead of using jars. Just leave them at room temp or in a fridge for a few hours before you freeze em! No canning to heat up the whole house! :)

  6. ooh, and if you are up for it or have extra onions they are really good in the freezer pickles! And I forgot to answer the how long can you store em thing. They stay good for a long time. In fact I have eaten em almost a year old in the fridge. The vinegar acts as a preservative.

  7. Noah is obsessed with pickles. I am sooooo trying these.