Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Weekly Dish

Been sick this weekend. Andy and Nahum surprised me with flowers...sweet boys!
I think I have a snake in my garden....that's right, I said a SNAKE!!! I was out picking my tomatillos last night minding my own business when my plants started to shake as if something was rubbing against them...slithering all the way to the back of my garden! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Not gonna lie. I jumped and yelped a little....however, I wasn't about to let a creepy crawler scare me away from my veggies! So, I sucked it up and finished gathering the bounty. Blech! Thinking about it again makes my skin crawl! The good news is, that I got enough cucumbers to make some quick pickles to post on here this week! Yay! I love homemade pickles! Love em! So, this week keep an eye out for those as well as some other tasty dishes!

green bean quinoa
quick pickles


  1. I need that pickle recipe...I loved the taste of mine last year...but they were all I would like a tried and true recipe...I want GOOD PICKLES...and I am rolling in cucumbers...YIPPPEE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh and EWWWW!!! on the snake!!