Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekly Dish

Aren't these flowers beautiful?! My friend Brooke made this and gave it to me. Isn't she so creative and crafty?! I love my friends! I also looooove getting flowers. Andy has taught Nahum that it is nice and special to get flowers for me, so every time he goes outside he picks me a flower. I love getting flowers....anyhow, on to food. :) This week I had two recipes in mind and I actually made one tonight. However, I usually use Andy as a filter and he wasn't the hugest fan of it. It was kinda dill-ish and it made him think of pickles instead of pasta (lol) so I think I am going to do two baked items this week instead. Not a norm, but it will work non the less. Hope you all are having a great summer full of fun, friends and family! (Even more, I hope your friends and family are as amazing as mine!)

Reeses whoopie wanna-Be's
Britt's banana bread revisited (go-round #2)

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