Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Weekly Dish

The boys who made me a mommy. I love them!
Today I was able to get a lot accomplished thanks to my amazing hubby who; did a load of dishes, took me out to dinner, kept both boys occupied and cleaned up some major clutter! I was able to sit in silence with out children hangin all over me and go to town on some recipes! In fact, I was able to get the next two weeks planned AND even got to the grocery store!!! It was a great mothers day! I also am planning on re-tweaking Brits banana bread using coconut flour. I just couldn't get around that chickpea flour! Annnnnd there are 80 GRAMS OF PROTEIN IN ONE CUP! Holy cow!!! However, I am waiting on my favorite store (Neighbors Country Market) to get it in. I love it there. I told him I wanted it and he told me he would make some calls and figure out how to get it for me! :) Nice! So, sometime in the next two weeks I plan to do that, however, here is the plan for this week!

Black Bean Burgers on Homemade Ciabatta bread
Red Quinoa with Avocado
Armenian Lentil Salad
Verde Chicken Enchiladas
Honey Whole Wheat Bread

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  1. I am lovin' this weeks menu!! can't wait to eat it too! The only one I am scared of is that Lentil know me and my beans nad greens!