Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Purpose of White Flour in My Life

As you all know, I am not a fan of white flour. While it may taste good, it isn't that great for you. I have had a bag of organic white flour in my cupboard for some time now and was about to throw it away....when it's purpose came to light! While planting the plant portion of our garden tonight we found MILLIONS of tiny, little, scary, red, ants. I do not exaggerate when I say millions! I planted the seed portion last week right after it had been freshly tilled. Ground looked great! However, a week later, the tiny little rascals took over my whole garden!! We investigated online and found that an organic way to keep ants off of your plants is to encircle them in flour! Who knew!?! Also, baking soda kills them so we powdered the entire garden with that as well! Just a little tip for those of you gardening. Also, go here to get a recipe for organic bunny repellent, or  try this recipe below. Also, sounds crazy and gross but human hair helps as well. The human smell keeps deer and rabbits away. Thankfully I cut my friends and family at home, so I have some of that nastiness stored up in a trash can, but you can go to your local salon and ask for the hair and they will let you have it! The salons with the central vac systems are best because it is always in one bin and there isn't trash mixed in with it. Happy Gardening! :)
Homemade Animal Repellent

Mix this in a spray bottle:

2 raw eggs
1 quart water
1 tsp cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce
squirt dish soap


  1. oh I was going to tell you the flowers...aren't as much for animal repellent as for germination of the plants in the garden!!! forgot to share that when you asked.

  2. oh and the flour thing works...we sprinkled it around our house and they have been gone since....