Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Weekly Dish

Nahum and his buddies Adie and Brayden on a field trip to the orchard.
Boy I have a ton of catching up to do! I am two recipes in the hole and I have a weekly dish to get up! Whew!!! It has been a crazy week! Been busy with women's retreat, music stuff, school and a field trip buying and selling vehicles. (This explains why) So yeah, I'm behind. Anyhow, This has been quite the interesting start to the vegan month. We are going to weekly document weight and BMI.....Let's just say Andy and I are having frustratingly different results. My result? Gas...and A WHOLE LOT OF IT! Andy's result? He lost 7lbs and and dropped 1% BMI...really?!?! How is this fair? ;) Ah well...such is life I guess. So this week, my plan is to attempt to catch up on some of my missed recipe posts. I may even get some time tonight! Andy is at a concert with a friend and the boys are in bed....blessed quiet time! Maybe I should read my Bible instead of tinkering around on here.... Well, on to this weeks recipes.

Vegan mac n cheese
veggie patties and whole grains

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