Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Weekly Dish

It has been a weekend of picking, canning and freezing....annnnnnd I'm still not done yet! I haven't been able to do much cooking since my time has been taken by all of that stuff, but lucky for you all, I have had a few recipes on reserve to post this week! My parents were here this weekend, and I am certain my mom saw a sight she NEVER would have imagined sitting on the floor cutting corn off of 120 ears of corn. (BTW I originally had 240 ears in the back of my car cause I picked some up for my friend Amy. Can I just say it was the funniest sight ever!!!! And, I found a corn worm in the center console of my car today. Guess he escaped from an ear and made his way up front. Yuck!) Or, maybe the canning was more of a stretch. My mom use to can and freeze when I was growing up and I never was much of a fan of all of the how the tables have turned. Mom, now I know why you did it and I am thankful for being able to learn from you! :) I enjoyed seeing the benefits of my work, and my wallet will enjoy it even more this winter! DISCLAIMER: I look like a hillbilly cause I had been outside in the heat shucking corn, I am sitting cause I hated the idea of standing for 2 hours cutting corn off the cob, and I have an old sheet down cause this corn was the BEST, juiciest corn ever and it sprayed EVERYWHERE when I cut it!

~Peppery Lime Chicken Wraps
~Spicy Sesame Beef


  1. I will say, helping you with the canning did bring back memories of the feeling of accomplishment when seeing the finished product. And yes, I am definitely surprised with your gardening...but not with your creativity with cooking! Love you and proud of you!