Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Weekly Dish

So this week starts off our vegan adventure. One disappointing part is I was unable to get a physical. Those suckers are dang expensive and Insurance will only cover a portion of 1 and I was hoping for two. And, Insurance will only cover a small portion of the blood work. So... I guess we will know a little bit just by the way we feel. I expect to feel way different if what we have seen and read is true. I still wish I could have more concrete evidence, but I can't spend my money on Dr. appointments right now. Boooo.... But, I will not let that deter me from going at this full bore. I may throw in a non vegan recipe or two just because I have some still waiting to be posted, but I will label the vegan ones so you all know what recipe is what. I think this week I will try to post:

Pasta with hummus sauce (YUM doesn't that sound so good?!)
Pigs n a blanket (something kid friendly)
Southwestern bean and corn cakes (I may try to do three recipes this week.)

Hope you all have fun following this little vegan adventure we are on. I will be sure to update weekly on how we feel and any changes we notice in our bodies.

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