Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The weekly dish....

So upon suggestion from my friend Darcy, I am adding a weekly menu to my blog. I figure I have to plan a weekly menu anyway, I might as well let you in on it. I will plan on making a menu every Monday so you can either eat along with us all week, or know when to keep your eye out for a particular recipe. Most will be recipes for meals, however, I will throw in baked goods etc..every now and then. I will also warn that I am a bit random and spazzy at times, so I am not going to put these recipes in any particular order. I can't promise that they will come in this order depending on how my day goes with the boys, evening plans etc.. :) but I will get them all in within a weeks time. So I will stop the babble and get to it. Here is this weeks menu!

Pepita Lettuce Wraps -This is a high protein meatless dish~ I will try to do one of these a week.
Chinese Chicken with Almonds~ Check in to see what I use instead of Sodium filled soy sauce!
Balsamic,Garlic and Mushroom Chicken~ Yes, I am using mushrooms....I really don't like em but I am trying!
Mercimek with homemade naan~ A little Turkey (the country;}) meets India. Also meatless with high protein.
Whole Wheat Bagels and/or Chia Pumpkin Muffins~ I will make whatever sounds best to me this week lol! And if you are wondering what Chia is, check back in to see what it's all about!

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  1. Can I just say that I'm super excited about this! Especially Mercimek with homemade naan.