Monday, April 25, 2011

Back of the pantry soup...

Well, ya know how you have those days where you go to make supper and there is NOTHING in the fridge and the cupboards are sparse?....Yeah, I need to hit the grocery store. Bad!! These are the times where I have to get creative.....VERY creative! I stared into the vacant space I once called my pantry and let my mind go. I will let you in on my internal dialoug.
First out of the lazy susan was a box of organic vegetable broth...hmmm....what next? A can of corn that had to be a year old. Hey, canned goods are called non-perishables right? Off to the freezer...Hmmm, a bag of cauliflower...Andy HATES cauliflower! Oh well, I can hide it! Oooh I think I have a few red lentils left in the cupboard. Yup! There's my protein! And you know I ALWAYS have garlic and onion.
So, that is where I started. Threw the broth, corn, cauliflower, lentils, onion and garlic into a pot. Let it boil up, pulled out the immersion blender and blended it into a creamy style soup....there, I hid the cauliflower! I gave it a taste and whew did it need some help! Grabbed some salt, pepper and cumin out of the cupboard. Ya can't go wrong with cumin! I blended it a little more, hid the evidence of the forbidden veggies and called my men to the table. They LOVED it! Nahum, who is the pickiest eater this side of the Mississippi, plowed it! And Andy, my cauliflower hatin hubby kept saying 'this is so good!' Then, with a super serious face, he said 'Do not tell me what's in here. There are just some things better left unsaid.' :)
I know this isn't a typical post, but I guess I figured it might inspire you to get creative with what random items you have in the cupboard. Who knows what you'll get your family to eat!;)

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  1. Sounds good! Love it when you can create something new out of necessity that becomes a hit!